The Salisbury Way

In 2004 I started a blog called The Salisbury Pages, which I maintained briefly before realizing that writing an essay every day wasn’t a good way to relax, besides, I turned out to be a lot less clever, or funny, than I’d thought. More recently it has occurred to me that it would be useful to have somewhere to pop my occasional rants; if only to stop me posting them on facebook and alienating my friends. Unfortunately I can’t remember my login details for The Salisbury Pages, so I’ve had to start a new one; I’ve also discovered WordPress.

I’ve used the Salisbury name again because I’ve a soft spot for Lord Salisbury, Prime Minister twice in the late nineteenth century. To summarize him (badly) he believed it was the duty of government to do as little as possible, because whatever governments tried to do they invariably got wrong.

It’s a philosophy I’ve embraced enthusiastically, to the annoyance of my wife and work colleagues. However I can’t help feeling that the country would be a better place if twenty first century prime ministers had embraced the philosophy as keenly.


One thought on “The Salisbury Way

  1. A belated “Welcome” to WordPress!

    I didn’t know about Lord Salisbury’s beliefs in the duty of Government – but I like them! I do remember learning about the concept “laissez faire” whilst studying ecconomics which seems similar…

    As to being clever / funny – you are funnier than I had previously thought. Take that how you want…

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